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Adding insult to injury, while your car insurance will cover any damage to your vehicle after deductible, most basic car insurance policies dont cover personal property losses. However, your homeowners insurance or renters insurance may. Youll have to read your homeowners policy for exclusions, but some policies do insure personal property that is temporarily out of your home . Others let you purchase additional insurance to cover such losses. The amount of coverage will vary depending your policy.It will typically be up to a stated percentage of the amount of your personal property coverage or a dollar amount, whichever is greater. There probably are limits on reimbursement for the loss of certain high-ticket or luxury items stolen, like jewelry, cameras, fine art and musical instruments, too. If you routinely cart that sort of thing around, you can purchase additional coverage. If your auto and homeowners policies are with the same company, you may only have to file one claim and pay the higher of the two applicable deductibles. If not, youll have to file two separate claims and pay two separate deductibles. That will also mean an additional claim on your insurance records, which can result in higher premiums when you renew. Youll have to weigh the pros and cons based on the value of the lost property. A couple holiday sweaters, some cologne and a six-pack of tube socks may not be worth it.

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5 things you might have missed from Florida-Georgia | Tampa Bay Times

The redshirt sophomore and Jacksonville native took it one step farther Saturday when he recovered Georgia’s muffed punt in the end zone to give the Gators a 6-0 lead. “It was good to actually have this one count,” Washington said. 2. The rest of UF’s special teams need work. Sophomore Brandon Powell fumbled the opening kickoff. After spending two weeks searching for a backup, walk-on kicker, the kicking game remains questionable, and that might be an understatement. On the first drive, starter Austin Hardin missed his fifth consecutive field goal a 45-yarder wide right then had his first extra point blocked. UF did not, however, turn to the newly entrenched backup, Chamberlain High alumnus Neil MacInnes, who was in uniform after beating out 215 other walk-on hopefuls during tryouts. It was telling that coach Jim McElwain went for it on fourth and 9 in the fourth quarter instead of trying a 28-yard field goal and risking a block. 3. RB Kelvin Taylor dominates in Jacksonville. The son of former Gators and Jaguars great Kelvin Taylor had a career-high 76 yards here against Georgia as a freshman. He followed that up with a 197-yard, two-touchdown performance here last year.

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Work Faster And Smarter With These Home Improvment Tips

The best thing about home improvements is that they add to your home’s value. If you pick a renovation or addition project that you can do without outside help, you can save a lot of cash while increasing your home’s value. Carrying out home improvement projects can even be a great hobby. The tips below can help you get the most out of your home improvement projects.

Changing your air filters is very important. Changing the air filters regularly will make your home environment much more healthy while also making your heating and cooling unit function properly. A lot of service repair calls are due to people not changing their air filters.

An over-the-range microwave is a great space saver for your kitchen. These microwaves replace the hood of the range and are available in many price ranges, depending on the features desired. A lot of units use a filter and not a vent; these are meant for those who do not need a lot of ventilation.

If you are going to put in any paneling, paint some stripes on the walls. No matter how carefully you install paneling, it seems the old wall sometimes peeks through. To cut down on that, measure where the panels are going to meet. Paint the walls at these joins with a color that matches your paneling.

Replacing an old roof can prove to be expensive for any homeowner. Get more than one estimate and don’t forget to look at references. There are quite a few different things to consider with roofing like getting tile, metal or just a traditional wooden roof. You can get help choosing from a roofing contractor.

As you can see, it is not as hard as you may have imagined to add value to your home and find satisfaction in completing your project as well. You should be ready to make the best choices, get inspiration and save money with the help of these tips.

Rental Car Insurance From Your Credit Card-Kiplinger

Photo: Getty Images By 6 COMMENTS Dear Dan, On a recent trip, the car-rental agency offered me insurance that cost almost as much as the rental itself. I ended up taking it, but when I got the credit-card bill, I couldnt understand what Id been thinking. Why do we buy these things? Benjamin It has to do with counterfactual thinking and regret. Imagine that you take the same route home from work every day. One day, along the usual route, a tree falls and totals your car. Naturally, youd feel bad about the loss of the carbut youd feel much worse if, on that particular day, you had tried a shortcut and, with the same bad luck, come across the car-wrecking tree. In the first case, youd be upset, but in the shortcut case, youd also feel regret about taking that different route. More Ask Ariely Should You Trust What You Read Online? The same principle applies to car rentals. When a rental agent offers us pricey insurance, we start imagining how stupid and regretful wed feel if we skipped it and (God forbid) had an accident.

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