Always get a copy of your insurance policy. This physical copy will allow you to see that your local agent forwarded your payment to the provider of your policy.

permanent or term insurances

Because it’s not good for you, at least usually.First of all, this is not an apple to apple comparison. Say you pay your life insurance to get $1 million dollars. Maybe you got to pay $2,000 per year. With compound insurance, to get a $1 million dollar settlement, you need to pay $20,000 per year, but only for 10 years. Usually, the insurance agent will make things even more confusing for you by offering $100 million dollar compound insurance for $2,000/year.So how do you make it apple to apple? You compare the permanent insurance with regular term insurance plus regular investment. So, the permanent insurance of $20,000 per year is equivalent with $2,000 term insurance and $18,000 per year investment.

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