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term life insurance a is the cheapest coverage the best for you

What is Term Life Insurance?Level term life insurance policies are not as cheap as decreasing term life insurance but do a better job of protecting you. Both of these life insurance policies have many similarities. The reason for the different price structures are that level term life insurance policies, owned by you, can pay off your mortgage and still leave a pay out for your family. The group term life insurance you buy through your bank, has a decreasing balance but keeps the same premium. A cheap decreasing term life insurance policy pays only the bank a lump sum to clear your mortgage; it doesn’t leave any money to pay those you leave behind.Term Life Insurance – Mortgage PrioritiesIf paying off your mortgage is your priority, then you should look to level term life insurance. You might have a 20 year mortgage but a 10 year level term life insurance policy. As you will need to renew the term life insurance policy at the 10th anniversary, you might want to consider making it a 20 year term life insurance policy.

Business leaders are bullish on Sarasota County |

SURVEY HIGHLIGHTS n Positive marks for business and community services, community leadership, strength of local economy, low taxes and overall quality of life. Mixed reviews for the cost of doing business, customer and supplier accessibility, employee work ethic and the transportation system. Barriers to growth include the cost of living, readiness of workforce and housing availability. More than half of the companies plan to expand their businesses, and they project revenue growth of 10 percent to 49 percent in the next 18 months. 85 percent of the businesses are creating new products or services, and most are incorporating new technologies. A third cannot expand at their current facilities and will research other real estate to support their growth. Areas to strengthen include workforce recruiting and readiness, availability of commercial real estate, research and development support, transportation options and housing affordability. More than half of the companies surveyed expect to add employees in the next three years, and they project revenues will grow 10 percent to 49 percent during the next 18 months, according to the first Business Competitiveness Survey of the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County. Executives from 74 companies, who were surveyed by EDC staff, said the county stands out for its business and community services, leadership, the strength of the local economy, low taxes and the much-appreciated quality of life. But they also raised concerns about housing affordability, workforce readiness and the availability of commercial real estate, which could become barriers to economic growth. As we continue facing the challenges of a dynamic, changing global economy, it is critical to support local companies and make every effort to assure their opportunity to thrive, said Mark Huey, the EDCs president/CEO.

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