Family Dentist in Gainesville2013 marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of Thanksgiving, how’s that for a conversation starter. Thanksgiving is one of our largest and most celebrated holidays, and its not only the food. We enoy gettiing together with our extended families, watching some games on a very full stomach, and of course, the shopping!

How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving While Still Eating Your Favorite Foods

The First Thanksgiving was a three-day feast for the Pilgrims back in 1621. In modern times, we pack three days’ worth of feasting into a single afternoon instead. Then, when that’s over, we move on to the leftovers!

It’s important that we all enjoy Thanksgiving responsibly. 

Important Dental Health Advice for Thanksgiving Feasting and Festivities

  • Keep the sugar till last! Enoy your pies but don’t add soda into the mix. You can other forms of holiday refreshment, but spare your teeth the stains and decay caused by soda.
  • Don’t be a Nutcracker. Don’t try to crack nuts with your teeth! Use an actual nutcracker and keep your teeth intact. Nuts are an traditional addition to many a Thanksgiving meal. Don’t end up with a cracked tooth instead. Talk about an unhappy holiday!
  • Tryptophan is No Excuse! A common Thanksgiving myth is that the tryptophan found in turkey lulls celebrators to sleep. There’s very little truth to that rumor, but even if you insist that tryptophan makes you pass out each year, just remember that junk food will wear away at your teeth while you’re sleeping. Make sure to rinse, brush, and floss your teeth before you doze off so that your teeth, too, can rest peacefully.