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It’s Halloween time, and that means ghouls, goblins, tricks and treats. But if the spookiest thing about the holiday is your smile, it might be time to treat yourself to some cosmetic dentistry.

Whether you need a smile boost or a full mouth makeover, there are many treatments available to give you the look you want. And although it may sound frightening (or at least, frighteningly expensive), there are pain-free procedures within your budget that can give you big results.

What’s most popular?

Perhaps the most requested, teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure that can have a dramatic effect. Over time, your teeth gradually lose their luster and whiteness because of aging, food and drink (coffee, tea and red wine) or from tobacco use. read more...

Why Halloween Is Really a Scary Holiday: A Dentist’s Perspective – Huffington Post

Why Halloween Is Really a Scary Holiday: A Dentist’s Perspective I see an influx of patients after Halloween, but not for the reason you’d expect. Cavities don’t form overnight; t’s the parents I see with broken molars from biting down on hard candy, claiming they are saving their kids from the threat in the Halloween bag.

The problem with Halloween isn’t the $1,000 per tooth it costs to rebuild these adult teeth with crowns. It’s that these adults grew up with a tradition that perpetuates an unhealthy relationship with food and continue that tradition right to the door of the dentist. This dysfunctional tradition of binging and unbridled indulgence is costing us our health and sending the wrong message to kids.

…Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday in America, superseding Valentine’s Day with $6.9 billion dollars in commercial sales each year. And it’s growing. No wonder it’s a scary holiday.